In this book you will learn the three things every business owner needs to know:

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Tip of the Week 

Entrepreneurs need to have a certain set of personality traits in order to flourish in business. I have developed an acronym for that, FIERCE. Fearless, intelligent and independent, energetic, realistic, committed and effective. Business owners work without a net so being fearless really helps; you have to be able to make decisions on your own. Running a business takes long hours, so being energetic is a must. Being realistic is key because you don't want to be chasing after a business idea that is never going to work. Being effective is important because you only get paid for what you get done. A business owner who has these characteristics has a much better chance of success.

Budget Not Such a Big Tax Deal After All 

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Starting a Successful Business: Stuff You Need to Know

"The Trudeau government’s first budget was not as scary as many of us in the tax preparation business had feared. The government focused on spending money and did not make any huge tax changes.

There was no change to the small business deduction availability for most active businesses which was widely predicted and would have been a game changer for many of my clients.  Capital gains rules for selling small business shares was not changed nor was anything done to the stock option rules.

There are a few tax credits that are gone – the children’s fitness and arts credits are gone by 2017 but the new Canada Child Benefit more than makes up for the loss of the tax credit and you don’t need receipts!

People who are using life insurance policies as an investment and/or for tax deferral should check with their insurance brokers soon, because there was a change made to the tax status of those policies, potentially reducing the amount that could be paid out of a corporation tax free after the death of the insured.

If you are a teacher, with a teaching license, you should start keeping receipts for any amounts that you pay out of your own pocket for class room supplies. You will be eligible for a tax credit of 15% for expenses up to $1,000. This was effective on January 1, 2016.

Other than what I have said above – there is nothing that you need to do differently based on this budget.  Keep in mind that they are spending a lot of money, so there could be tax grabs to come." -Debi J. Peverill

2016 Federal Budget Commentary